SINCE 1906

KGS DIAMOND GROUP SA is a family-owned business with strong roots that reach back to 1906 in Lugano/Switzerland, where Giovanni Ferronato founded his business of manufacturing moulded products.

Giovanni Ferronato
Creator, 1906


 In 1952, Giovanni passed the baton to his son Natale Ferronato, the father of today’s President and CEO Sandro Ferronato. Under Natale Ferronato, the company successfully initiated the production of patented silicon carbide and aluminium oxide-based abrasives for the grinding and polishing of various hard materials, such as stone and metals.

Natale Ferronato
Innovator, 1952
Maryse Ferronato
Defender, 1970

SINCE 1980

In 1980 Sandro Ferronato, today’s President and CEO, joined the company. Innovations and expansion followed each other in rapid progression, starting with the introduction of flexible diamond            abrasives in 1985.
Today, KGS DIAMOND is a reputed manufacturer of patented and innovative flexible diamond abrasives, diamond tools and metallized fabrics with factories in six countries: Switzerland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Hungary, the United Arab Emirates and India. With our sales and distribution centres in a total of 15 countries, we serve many different businesses and industries in over 100 countries, such as dental laboratories, prosthesis makers, automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction, turbines and more.

Patented Technology
Since 1985