KGS DIAMOND GROUP SA is a family-owned business with strong roots that reach back to 1906 in Lugano/Switzerland, where Giovanni Ferronato founded his business of manufacturing moulded products.
Proud Manufacturers
In 1952, Giovanni passed the baton to his son Natale Ferronato, the father of today’s President and CEO Sandro Ferronato. Under Natale Ferronato, the company successfully initiated the production of patented silicon carbide and aluminium oxide-based abrasives for the grinding and polishing of various hard materials, such as stone and metals.
In 1980 Sandro Ferronato, today’s President and CEO, joined the company. Innovations and expansion followed each other in rapid progression, starting with the introduction of flexible diamond abrasives in 1985.

This made KGS DIAMOND what it is today: A reputed manufacturer of patented and innovative flexible diamond abrasives, diamond tools and metallized fabrics. With our 6 factories and 15 sales and distribution centres in a total of 15 countries, we serve many different businesses and industries in over 100 countries. Markets include healthcare, automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction, energy and more.
The Next Generation
Alessia Ferronato, the fourth generation of the Ferronato family, joined KGS in 2020 as Chief of Staff to the CEO.
KGS Health and Skincare Division
Over the years KGS has mastered many technologies that have the potential to enrich people’s daily lives and experiences.

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic we decided to use our strong values of quality and innovation to provide the public with trustworthy personal health & protection products.

People’s trust in us to deliver quality products is at the foundation of our success.
Active with 21 locations of which 6 manufacturing sites, in 15 different countries
What we offer
In its 114 years of history, the Ferronato family business has seen many good times, as well as some very challenging times. Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, KGS took the initiative to respond by creating a new division utilizing our wealth of manufacturing knowledge and values based business model, to bring innovation to health care products
KGS Healthcare Division
Our intent has been to adapt to this new moment in history and to offer truly useful, high quality products at fair prices to our customers. The goal is to achieve this while maintaining our values of trust and respect for our customers, employees, business partners and suppliers. In addition, KGS maintains its long established commitment to the environment and values of sincerity.

New products coming soon !