You will pay the delivery fees either during the payment process on the website, or after the products have been delivered if a payment-upon-delivery option was available and has been chosen.

All information we provide about availability and delivery dates is non-binding, our shipping partners or KGS provide this information by way of indication only.

We strive to deliver the products you ordered as soon as possible, but do not guarantee the indicated delivery date. If full payment has not been received or if there was a problem with the payment we reserve the right not to ship the product you ordered until all outstanding payments have been settled.

If you were not there to take delivery and did not pick up your product from a pick-up point or if you refused to take delivery, the product will be sent back to us. We will then reimburse you the amount you paid with a deduction of the delivery service charge and a flat processing charge of 20 CHF or 15 EUR, depending on the currency you made the purchase in. Please contact us if there is a valid reason for missing or refusing delivery as we may be able to forego the processing charge.

On delivery you will have to check the condition of the packaging and whether the correct number of packages have been delivered. If anything is wrong or missing, you can contact us and we will send a new shipment for missing items and we will take damaged or incorrect items back and replace them free of charge (“promise to replace”). It is your responsibility to inform us within 7 days of receipt of the delivery about any damaged, missing or incorrect goods for the promise to replace to apply.

Our promise to replace the product does not apply if you have used the product improperly or if you have made any alterations to the product.